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The Blanco Touring Company was established in 2004 to enable us to pursue our passion for travel and to do so with friends and like-minded travellers on memorable escorted small group vacations created on the foundations of fascinating destinations, fabulous food, good wine and, above all, great company. It came about and is sustained by our belief that life is made all the richer by the people that we meet and the friendships that we make along the way.

For us, the Blanco Touring Company is not a business, but rather a pastime that brings to life our desire to share our love and knowledge of Spain, Latin America and other exotic destinations with fellow travellers who want to experience close up the wonders of these ancient and captivating lands. It is about visiting great cities and wonderful locations in style and immersing ourselves in the local culture and way of life.

The tours that we have undertaken over the years have generated many memorable moments and lifelong friendships. So much so that, these days, most of the tour participants are repeat travellers with whom we have shared many journeys. That said, our desire to make new friends remains, so we welcome inquiries from newcomers.

Covid has curtailed our travel in recent years, but we are hopeful that its impact is diminishing and are therefore looking forward to renewing our activities in 2024.

If you share our philosophy about travel, we invite you to get in contact so that we can discuss your interests and determine if we are planning a tour that could appeal to you.

Leona & Jose Blanco
Blanco Touring Company

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The Blanco Touring Company has been created in response to the encouragement of a growing band of friends and associates who have travelled with us over the years and believe in our ability to host memorable vacations to destinations that we know well and love, Spain and Latin America. We offer memorable escorted small group vacations that are created on the foundations of fascinating destinations, fabulous food, good wine and above all, great company. The Blanco Touring Company can create a memorable tour for the individual traveller or small group alike. Given sufficient notice, we can either host your tour or find the ideal person to do so, having regard to your particular area of interests and specific requirements.